About us

Since 1991, the Slovak Union of Visual Arts (Slovenská výtvarná únia, thereinafter SVU) has replaced the former Union of Visual Artists. It is a voluntary, apolitical, professional and protective civic institution associating artists, theoreticians and workers in the field of visual arts. The union is a legal entity active on the national level. It resides in the original building of the former Arts Association of Slovakia (1924, designed by architects Balan and Grossman). The rights and duties of the members are regulated by the Statutes of the Slovak Union of Visual Arts. Pursuant to the statutes, the SVU promotes artistic activity, protects specific interests and secures the international co-operation of its members


The Slovak Union of Visual Arts is a member of the International Association of Art – I.A.A. UNESCO, has a representation in Executive Commitee IAA EUROPE UNESCO, contributes in preparation and managing Conference on law and social status of European artists (in Paris, Centre Pompidou, 2008) and is a member of the Slovak Coalition for Cultural Diversity. The members representing art fields are associated on the professional, generation and regional bases.

For more information about activities of Slovak Union of Visual Arts, see the current publications Ročenka SVÚ 2015/2016, Ročenka SVÚ 2014/2015 a Ročenka SVÚ 2013/2014, which you can download after clicking on pictures. Printed form is available in UMELKA Gallery.

Main priorities and mission of SUVA

  • representing and coordinating the interests of the members of SUVA, visual artists and art theorists in relation to legislation; Protecting and promoting the position of artists, art production and art in the social and economic spheres,
  • working with similar organizations at home and abroad,
  • providing and coordinating activities and services according to the interests and needs of SUVA members; In particular, activities of an informational and visual character in the field of development of visual arts,
  • status of the artist (click on the image below to view the complete material in the Slovak-English version)