Rental applications need to be delivered to the office of SUVA, Dostojevského rad 2, 811 09 Bratislava, Slovak Republic in the following structure:

Application, Concept of Exhibition Project, Professional CV of Organiser - Curator - exhibiting Authors, Visual / Photo Documentation of Project or Author´s Work, Date of Project Realization.

Applications can be sent throughout the year, the exhibition plan is compiled and approved by the SUVA Board.

The members - associations of the SUVA are entitled to 90% discount when renting a halls, other expenses are in the direction of the association.

Rental Fee:
Great Hall: 70 Eur/day
Small (Stone) Hall: 30 Eur/day

The rental fee must include a fee for a rental service - supervision at the exhibition, where the worker is exclusively provided by the SUVA. In the case of an exhibition of electronic media installation, the fee for electricity must be also included.

Hall measurements:
Great Hall: 250 m2
Small (Stone) Hall: 80 m2
Foyer: 49 m2


If you are interested in renting gallery spaces for unconventional activities (closed company, concert, conference, workshop, launch party (christening), lecture, wedding, shooting clips / ads etc.), please contact the administration of the SUVA, after the visitation and specification of the event, we will gladly prepare a price offer for you.