Ope­nART Bien­na­le 2019



Open Call open March 15 – May 15 2018


Ope­nART is a pub­lic art bien­nial and takes pla­ce in Öreb­ro, Swe­den. During twel­ve sum­mer weeks con­tem­po­ra­ry art from all over the world is sho­wca­sed in the pub­lic spa­ce. It is a uni­que event that turns the city upsi­de down with uncon­ven­ti­onal art, encou­ra­ging bold ide­as and pro­mo­ting unu­su­al expres­si­ons. We are now sear­ching for artists with dif­fe­rent backg­rounds, art mediums and expres­si­ons to fill our city with art­works. Ope­nART invi­tes a bro­ad and curi­ous audien­ce to expe­rien­ce the art regard­less if they are acqu­ain­ted with art or not.


We search for a diver­si­ty of art­works that can trans­form the city with dif­fe­rent con­for­ma­ti­ons and con­cepts. Artists can sub­mit with an alre­a­dy exis­ting art­work or a new idea. Ope­nART is an exhi­bi­ti­on that takes pla­ce in the city cen­tre and the art will be pla­ced out­do­ors avai­lab­le for pub­lic inte­rac­ti­on day and night during the exhi­bi­ti­on peri­od. We see possi­bi­li­ties for a wide ran­ge of art mediums and tech­ni­qu­es but are par­ti­cu­la­ry looking for art­works for the open spa­ce and in par­ti­cu­lar new ide­as on what pub­lic art can be. Invi­ted artists will rece­i­ve an artist fee of 1000 EUR and tran­s­port, tra­vel and accom­mo­da­ti­on sup­port.


App­ly now: www.openart.se