Enter the world of The Uni­ver­sal Pla­yg­round UTOPIA,
whe­re dre­ams and rea­li­ty melt toget­her,
whe­re music and colours col­li­de into new fla­vours and forms, whe­re ima­gi­na­ti­on beco­mes your vehic­le into a rhyth­mi­cal lands­ca­pe…

? Euge­ne Rock­well (GER)
? Fallg­rapp DJ SET (SVK)
? Bj Pig­go (SVK)


?Foots­hop (Čule­no­va 9) ?
15:00 — Raza Hou­se Works­hop

?Gale­ria Umel­ka ?
18:00 — LFO lec­tu­res
20:00 — Pas­ha Able­ton Live works­hop
22:00 — RAZA (live)
23:00 — Artist3
00:00 — Euge­ne Rock­well
01:30 — LOVANDA live
02:00 — Fallg­rapp Dj Set
03:00 — Bj Pig­go


do 22:00 — 8€
po 22:00 — 10€

Once upon a light year, the­re was an idea. An idea gre­a­ter than any other. An idea that mani­fests the hig­hest good, celeb­ra­tes all the dif­fe­ren­ces, uplifts all the living cre­a­tu­res and most of all, idea that comes from a foun­da­ti­on that eve­ryt­hing is con­nec­ted.

We are going through years of chan­ges, oppor­tu­ni­ties but most of all the gre­a­test human poten­tial. Let’s con­nect and join our ener­gy to make Uni­ver­sal Pla­yg­round the best possib­le pla­ce to be. If you could chan­ge one thing in the world for the bet­ter, what would it be?

Mediál­ny par­tner: Radio_FM
Par­tne­ri: Hudba.sk