Cura­ted by Rober­to Ron­ca


“HUMAN RIGHTS? # H2O then asks Artists to spe­ak about Water becau­se of its human rights invol­ment.

Furt­her­mo­re, HUMAN RIGHTS? # H2O calls to do so in an ori­gi­nal way, sig­ni­fi­cant, conc­re­te and tal­king with tran­s­port invol­ve­ment can com­mu­ni­ca­te to the pub­lic its natu­re, its strength, its sac­red­ness and the need to pro­tect its essen­ce.

The water belo­ngs to eve­ry­o­ne; and if it belo­ngs to eve­ry­o­ne, we all have to learn to know it and to res­pect it.

Spe­ak about Water as pri­ma­ry right means to aim to women, men, girls and chil­dren from whom we have an essen­tial and urgent duty: to unders­tand, through the ima­ges, the sac­red res­pect for that which cre­a­tes life.

Wit­hout the water, none of us would exist; the water makes us what we are.

We celeb­ra­te the water to celeb­ra­te the life.

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