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The introduction from the catalogue of Biennale of Creative visual Arts. Festive opening of the Club of Artists was a component of opening of Biennale.


The tradition of the Biennial of Creative Visual Arts presenting the members of the Slovak Union of Visual Artis is still developing. This year the 2nd Biennial is being held. Nevertheless, we believe that it has a future. We hope that the Biennial is one of the right answers to the question of what the Slovak Union of Visual Arts does for its members.

Naturally, there are more right answers. Apart from organising exhibitions, the Slovak Union of Visual Arts is trying to resolve many questions connected with the visual arts or with the legal and social position of artists. The Union is an active member of the world organisation of visual artists IAA/AIAP – UNESCO, participates in the solution and in drawing up constructive proposals for the benefit of the whole cultural sphere within the Slovak Coalition for Cultural Diversity, cooperates with the respective Slovak and foreign institutions, and so on.

These are the major issues and naturally, the list of current problems would be long. However, today we would like to draw attention to a specific ambition of the Slovak Union of Visual Arts: what about doing something for pleasure? What about making the Slovak Union of Visual Arts the place where problems could be resolved but also the place where we can feel well and at home?

The Biennial of Creative Visual Arts should enable a regular presentation and mutual awareness of contemporary work. However, we would also like to create space for the mutual understanding of (not only) visual artists, for resuming communication, for dialogue between generations, a space enabling the overcoming of the barriers between rather isolated groups of artists lacking mutual contact, so characteristic for the art scene in Slovakia in previous years.

Therefore, an integral part of the opening of the Biennial is the opening of the Artists’ Club in the premises of the Slovak Union of Visual Arts. More precisely: to reopen the club after almost twenty years.

It is surprising that we do not even know exactly when and why the Club was closed down. Perhaps we were so intoxicated by the newly regained freedom and democracy, by the unanticipated opportunities which opened up for us that we did not even notice it. It ceased to exist slowly, quietly and inconspicuously…

Perhaps we felt – a little naively – strong enough, or we did not want to share the new opportunities we “felt” in the air with anyone. Apparently, art is primarily individual; it is created in the solitude of the studios (in contrast to the work of theatre-makers who are used to relying on teamwork). Every artist “plays” particularly for himself.

Yes, we are different, and it is all right.

However, we have again the place where all artists are welcome – not only visual artists and the members of the Slovak Union of Visual Arts. The place where we can meet and – in spite of many differences – informally seek what connects us. The place where we can – often in spite of vastly different artistic concepts – seek the solutions to basic “guild” problems that worry all artists. The place where we can enjoy meeting our colleagues or friends and share our joys.

Welcome home friends.


Pavol Kral

President of the Slovak Union of Visual Arts











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